Kathee Nelson Art


About Me

  • I am primarily a self-taught artist. My first artistic endeavor began at the age of ten when I was enrolled in charcoal drawing classes in Kodiak, Alaska. Always drawn to beautiful works, particularly those rendered in watercolor, I began checking out art books from the public library in 1991, and spent hours in the wide array of galleries in Portland, Oregon. After participating in workshops and instruction by several well-known Pacific Northwest artists, I painted primarily watercolor florals until 1999. One afternoon I discovered works done in colored pencil at a favorite gallery. Intrigued by the beauty of this medium, I located a portrait workshop and was hooked. I enjoy sharing my love of art through community and online classes. My workshops have been offered through Sixth Street Gallery and Michael’s Arts & Crafts in Vancouver, Washington, Camas Community Education, and at various workshop locations.

  • As an avid knitter and lover of all things textural, I have always searched for the highest quality of fiber for my knit projects. After all, if I’m going to knit lace for 50 hours, I want to enjoy the process! Because of my traditional art background, I sometimes find it difficult to find yarn that satisfies my desire for high quality fiber content with a very soft hand, and colorways that appeal to me. Kathee Nelson Art handpainted yarn offers an exclusive, limited line of hand-dyed luxury yarns in custom colorways. Each skein is individually hand-dyed to create rich colors with and subtle transitions. I occasionally have handpainted yarn for sale at my Etsy site.

  • My current artistic energy is focused on fiber art, hand painting images onto fabrics to be used in art quilts. I will be updating my site with a blog dedicated to that process, and will be teaching classes and making patterns available soon! Feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested in attending or hosting a workshop.
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